The Worthy Company Accelerates its Retail Availability to Southern California Costco and Bristol Farms Locations

To continue a movement ensuring that plant-based nourishment is accessible to all, The Worthy Company, trailblazing creator of the plant-powered, ready-to-eat Worthy Bowl, is pleased to announce its expansion into Southern California Costco and Bristol Farms locations.....

"We use traditional, wholesome ingredients to create a mini-meal that fits into a modern lifestyle," said Nydia Shipman, Co-Founder of The Worthy Company. "Nutritionally, people rarely get enough protein, fiber, or veggies on a daily basis. We have managed to make those nutrition benchmarks achievable with a delicious 5.7 oz bowl. We are thrilled to now be sold in Costco and Bristol Farms, making plant-based nourishment even more accessible."

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