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introducing worthy

a company, a brand, a promise and a movement; created to ensure that plant-based nourishment is accessible to all and to inspire a global wave of self-worth. we value protecting mother earth and all her inhabitants.

we believe all people are worthy of plant-based, nourishing foods that feed the body and spirit. it is why we founded a company rooted in values that are far bigger than our bottom line. we were seeking a delicious eating experience delivering plant-based, complete nutrition in a portable format reasonably priced both for ourselves and our families.

we knew we were not alone. as founders, worthy bowls became our solution and first product line. what started in our kitchens has grown into a movement: to ensure plant-based nourishment is accessible to all and to truly knowing our self-worth.


as moms we saw first hand how vulnerable and inherently worthy of love and nourishment ALL children are. we want to do our part to make sure all children feel loved and nourished regardless of circumstance.

we’re so proud, and humbled, to share our first product, the worthy bowl and we hope you join us in changing the world one spoonful at a time...

worthy bowl purchases generate monthly donations to organizations like:

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