Sun & Swell Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Sun & Swell Organic Pumpkin Seeds

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Most Pumpkin Seeds sold in the US are sourced from China, but not ours. We've sourced these from Sun & Swell who carefully selected these Roasted & Salted Organic Pumpkin seeds to make sure they can offer the highest quality they can find. These Pumpkin Seeds taste delicious on their own, but can be added to cereal, oatmeal, Worthy Bowls, and trail mixes when you're looking for a boost of vitamin E, manganese, and zinc.

These Organic Pumpkin Seeds are sourced ethically from Austria through import partners who only select farms that uphold extremely high levels of quality, sustainability, and fair employee practices.

Pack Size: 1 lb

Comes In 100% Compostable Packaging

County of Origin: Austria Ingredients Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Sea Salt Compostable Info This product comes in 100% compostable packaging. This bag will decompose in an Industrial Compost facility with 90 days. It is also approved for home composting, but timelines can vary based on conditions (humidity, moisture, etc). .

Made in United States of America

This product was sourced by The Worthy from Sun & Swell, a Santa Barbara, California based Women Owned company.  

Sun & Swell began with the mission of fixing our broken food system. Today, our world is facing a massive trash crisis, particularly because of the way we mass produce and dispose of single use plastics. Sun & Swell believes the answer is compostable packaging - packages that turn back into soil that can be reused on farms within months. Sun & Swell uses sustainable ingredients- always organic, plant-based, and free from added sugars, preservatives or flavors and they prioritize sourcing from US farms, as close to their home in California as possible.