expanding our gratitude in 2020

thanksgiving and the holiday season looks and feels a bit different this year. maybe you are gathering with a smaller group, or uniting virtually with family. perhaps you are home instead of traveling. whatever the case may be, it's possible the typical items you list you are thankful for are on hold this year. 

when thinking about gratitude in 2020, we are reminded of the words of Maya Angelou, "be present in all things and thankful in all things." instead of focusing on what's missing this season, we at worthy challenged ourselves to expand our list, incorporating more of the little things, all things.

perhaps it's giving thanks for the crisp air on our cheeks on a morning walk, or the access to food that allows us to cook a meal for ourselves and our households, or a movie that made us laugh recently.  we are also challenging ourselves to think of who brightened our year in our 20 for 2020 campaign, which you can read more about here.

reframing what the holiday celebration looks like can be a challenge, but reframing your perspective can make the spirit of the holiday even brighter.

what is something new that you can add to your gratitude list this year?

with gratitude,

team worthy


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