worthy: it's not just our name, it's a movement

worthy is leading a movement: to ensure plant-based nourishment is readily accessible to all and to inspire a global wave of self-worth and love. 

the movement starts with our first product line, the category creating worthy bowl. the creamy, delicious, complete plant-based nutrition you’ve been waiting for.

#theworthymovement is...

  1. an opportunity to remind every single individual that: YOU ARE WORTHY.
    worthy of nourishment. love. respect. kindness. Truly KNOWING and celebrating your self-worth.

  2. an opportunity to feed the body and spirit with plant-based complete nutrition readily accessible to all and reasonably priced. plant based nourishment should NOT be a luxury available to a select few. It’s a human right and the humane way to live.  we are all worthy extends to mother earth and all animals.

  3. an opportunity to shine light on some amazing organizations, the people and children they support, and to take action and inspire change to foster self-worth.

worthy movers are...

  • our worthy movers help us share the movement: we are all worthy of accessible, affordable plant-based nourishment and truly knowing our self-worth.
  • our worthy movers are a collaborative group of movers-and-shakers. thoughtleaders. innovators. influencers. change-makers. social impact drivers. those that can help us create a movement.
  • our worthy movers care about wellness. nourishing body AND spirit. social impact. 
  • our worthy movers champion brands, companies, and organizations that are ethical, trust-worthy, and making a difference
  • our worthy movers  understand, appreciate and share our brand ethos and mission to help everyone recognize their self-worth.

why kids? 

because as moms we saw first hand how vulnerable and inherently worthy of love and nourishment ALL children are. we want to do our part to make sure all children feel loved and nourished regardless of circumstance.  worthy bowl purchases generate monthly donations to organizations like:

join #theworthymovement and let's change the world together with the stir of a spoon!

we are all worthy,

Nydia & Sarah


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