your vote is worthy


your vote matters.

your vote counts.

your vote is worthy.

at worthy, we’re passionate about making sure every person knows their self-worth, and at this critical time, we’re working to ensure every person knows their voice has a right to be heard, must be heard, in this (and every) election. we are so proud to partner with our friends at, the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan voting registration and get-out-the-vote technology platform in the US. together, we’re working to encourage every eligible voter to cast their ballot and use their voice

what better way to spread the word than by sporting some rockin merch! we’ve designed some limited-edition gear to show voting pride and share even more love with the mission. we’re selling t-shirts, totes, and other awesome accessories on our site only through Election Day  (Tuesday, November 3). check it out here. all proceeds will go to so buy buy buy and save 20% off all merchandise and worthy bowls with code VOTE20 and go to to check your voter registration status!


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