• expanding our gratitude in 2020

    expanding our gratitude in 2020
    thanksgiving and the holiday season looks and feels a bit different this year. maybe you are gathering with a smaller group, or uniting virtually with family. perhaps you are home instead of traveling. whatever the case may be, it's possible the typical items you list you are thankful for are on hold this year.  when thinking about gratitude in 2020, we are reminded of the...
  • taking back 2020!

    taking back 2020!
    “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” - Amelia Earhart looking back on the last year, it's easy to immediately think of what didn't happen; the weddings, the graduations, the holiday gatherings... but lately, we at worthy have been pausing and thinking, what did happen? who were the ones that Earhart would have praised for making that leap, for taking positive action amidst a...
  • more plants, more fun!

    more plants, more fun!
    october is world vegetarian month and in honor of that we have teamed up with some amazing plant based brands to bring you some great snack options and savings. save 25% here at worthy and at the websites listed above with code PLANTS and save the earth one delicious bite at a time!
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